Lianyi Employee Care
Lianyi focuses on the growth and training of each employee and employee welfare, after all, employee sustainability has a pivotal position to the enterprise
Protecting the planet through testing instruments
Through rigorous manufacturing and testing steps, product quality control can reduce the loss of products, control the cost of products while reducing the waste of waste
Precise production control
Precise production control
Automated production facilities ensure high quality control of product yields and quality control, while reducing waste disposal for the environment.
IQC inspection process
Full product testing is an expensive production cost for the manufacturer, but for the product life cycle is extended, consumers can use it for a longer period of time, the cost of use is lower, and the environmental protection is sustained
Employee care
Employee care
As a manufacturer, caring for employees is the cornerstone of long-term development, and the skills, mentality, and healthy development of every employee are the topics that enterprises care about
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