13 Years of Rapid Growth
Lianyi didn’t got involved in display cabinet industry as early as those giants, yet it doesn’t affect the fact that Lianyi is catching up at a rapid speed.
Lianyi Display Products Co., LTD Founded

The company established,with Tsinghua University as one of the share holders to provide strong support on technology , state key labs&latest advanced information.

R&D Center was estabished

Notime R&D Center was estabished;Professinal Technical Provider inMetal fittings, manufacturing process.

Develop portable display

Began to develop Portable Spatial light effects and visual touch

Successful product patents

Improve the closing strength of hardware accessories connected by the opening door of the display cabinet

Set up a new factory

Moved to new factory. As a large-scale high-tech enterprises, we are engaged in research,development, manufacture and marketing.


Provide OEM/ODM services to Top 500 enterprises.

Honorable achievement

Make a new record with NO. 1 of the TOP 100 ranking list in Tmall Shop.

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